It is the intent and expectation of Stanley Law Firm that every client understands the billing policy. You are encouraged to review your monthly statements and ask questions.

Consultation Fee:

Consultation fees are required to be paid at the time of scheduling your appointment. The hourly rate at this time is $150 per hour for consultations. The consultation fee is nonrefundable.

Payment Plans:

Stanley Law Firm DOES NOT offer payment plans. All fees are discussed and established prior to beginning services.

Payment Options:

We offer the following payment options:

  1. Flat Rate* (pre-arranged total fee paid upfront)
  2. Standard Retainer* (lump sum paid up front and hourly fees deducted from amount; client is expected to replenish as necessary)
  3. Capped Fee – Retainer* (lump sum paid up front, deduction of hourly fees limited to prearranged capped fee and client DOES NOT REPLENISH)

All payments to Stanley Law Firm are completed via a secure payment link.  You will receive regular statements showing details of activity and expenses incurred, reflecting the current balance of your account.

*All retainers and unearned fees are deposited into the Stanley Law Firm IOLTA Trust account in compliance with Iowa Trust Account Rules. Unused retainer funds deposited into the Trust account are refundable.